Exploring civic ideals and providing a better understanding of government to inspire engagement! Just because there is no election right now doesn't mean that your job as a citizen is on pause. Your voice and civic engagement is important and counts -- even between voting cycles. 


So, for 2021, Kids Voting has started a monthly newsletter to help families learn about and engage in our civic community.  And we want your help in designing what it looks like!  Starting next month, each issue will include a feedback section where you can answer surveys about what you would like to see in the space.  We even want you to help name it!


This week we cover: 
Watching the Inauguration together as a family

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Did You Know?
So what was Dr. King's dream?
Dr. Martin Luther King, often referred to as MLK, knew that being an engaged citizen and fighting for justice started with having a dream -- a vision of how our community could be better. You probably know he had a famous speech starting with " I have a dream.. ."  But what were some of his dreams?

Dr. King dreamed...
You can listen to the book My Daddy Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. here on YouTube. 
To learn more about Dr. King, his vision, and the people he inspired check out the following links below: 
These "Dos & Don'ts for Celebrating MLK Day" are useful for parents as well as educators
Learn about the work of Dr. King and the civil rights movement from those who lived it at StoryCorps "Stories for MLK Day 2021"
Also. . 
What is an inauguration?
After a new president is elected, they don't just start be the President. That's what Inauguration Day is for!
Inauguration day is always on the 20th of January and the president is sworn in around noon. Unless of course the 20this on Sunday in which the inauguration is held on the following Monday. 
So what happens during the inauguration??
The president and the vice president will take the Presidential oath of office, making them the official leaders of the country. Next is the inaugural address, which is a speech made. Then last is the "pass in review" which is basically a parade for the new president and vice president.   Things will be a little different this year to keep people safe from Coronavirus -- the parade will be virtual and there will not be crowds watching the swearing in.  


Allison Hansen
Chat Attack
Let's Talk About It.
Make some time during dinner, car rides, or at special family time to slow down and discuss the following points below. 
  1. One of Dr. King's dreams was that we "make real the promises of democracy" and that we finally live up to the ideals of the Declaration of Independence that "all a created equal" and have the right to "life, liberty, & the pursuit of happiness"  What do you think the promises of democracy are?  Do we live up to them for all people here in Durham?  in your neighborhood or school?  In our country?   Where do we need to work to make democracy, justice, and these dreams come true for everyone?
  2. What is your dream for Durham? For your school or neighborhood? For our country?  What can kids do to make your dream come true?  What would you like to ask our elected leaders to do to make your dream a reality?
  3. While we now celebrate Dr. King and the civil rights movement, at the time most Americans were opposed to rallies like the March on Washington and civil rights actions like sit-ins as dangerous and disruptive.  (Even here in Durham, not only white leadership, but some black leaders, spoke out against the teen-led Royal Ice Cream sit-in!).    Is there a right way to protest -- now or then -- for justice?  How does the 1960 March on Washington and other civic rights action compare with justice rallies and actions by groups like Black Lives Matter today?
So...What Can We Do?
Take Action!
All of us can be engaged citizens, so what will you do?

Small Things You Can Do This Week That Make A Difference:

Share your dream for Durham on KVD's I have a dream coloring pages (download some here).

Be sure and share your dreams with us! by tagging @kidsvotingdurham OR if you send your dreams into KVD (info@kidsvotingdurham.org) we will feature your work on our social media pages!  Also all who participate will be entered into a drawing for a Kids Voting mask with our cool new logo!  Full details at kidsvotingdurham.org/mlk-2021


By sharing you are inspiring others to dream as well! #Dreams4Durham 



Watch the Inauguration together as a family

This is a great non-partisan way to be engaged and entertained while watching the inauguration!  CSPAN will be streaming inauguration events all day including the swearing-in around 12 pm and they also have created this guide to the 2021 Inauguration that includes topics to discuss and a fun, customizable Bingo game to play while you watch.  Can't watch the Inauguration?  Check out this gallery of poets from past Inaugurations and think about writing your own inaugural poem!

Any Age, Any Day, Making Change Happen! 

SCJ Youth Justice Project


The youth of SCJ's Youth Justice Project are working to make our schools more equitable.  Check out this article on their current work looking at the role of School Resource Officers 


Look at your local community or even on the national level, think of things that you would change for the better.

Talk to your parents about your idea and brainstorm what you can do to make the change and how you can do it.
Mark Your Calendar! 
Dates You Probabaly Didn't Know About.

January 18 - Martin Luther King Day


January 20 - Inauguration Day


January 27 - International Holocaust Remembrance Day

The United Nations General Assembly designated January 27—the anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz-Birkenau—as International Holocaust Remembrance Day.

On this annual day of commemoration, the UN urges every member state to honor the six million Jewish victims of the Holocaust and millions of other victims of Nazism and to develop educational programs to help prevent future genocides.  (f rom US Holocaust Memorial Museum)




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