Exploring civic ideals and providing a better understanding of government to inspire engagement! Just because there is no election right now doesn't mean that your job as a citizen is on pause. Your voice and civic engagement is important and counts -- even between voting cycles. 


So, for 2021, Kids Voting has started to publish a monthly newsletter oto help families learn about and engage in our civic community.  And we want your help in designing what it looks like!  Each issue will include a feedback section where you can answer surveys about what you would like to see in the space.  We even want you to help name it!


This month we cover: 
The First Survey -- oh, did we mention there will be prizes?

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Did You Know?
The youngest Durham Elected Offical is 23?
Anjali Boyd is here to tell you that age and experience does not matter when you know you can make a difference. This 23 year old is breaking barriers as Durham's youngest elected official. 
Big thanks to Dallas Clemons! A KVD youth volunteer who put together the interview and video on Anjali Boyd which can be found on the KVD Website.
If you are interested in interviewing a Durham City Elected Official let us know here


Allison Hansen
Bonus For Parents!
NPR has broken down how to discuss politics and social issues with children without leaving them confused.  
African American History Month
We celebrate African American history month with the recognition that African American history is OUR history -- U.S. history -- year-round and that African American contributions to our country and democracy go way deeper than the civil rights movement or individual icons like Dr. King.
For an educational road trip about the history of African Americans in North Carolina check out NCTripping.com. This website features museums, music trails, and many more historic sites.
For something more local check out the Geer Cemetery and their In Plain Site exhibit running until March 7th, illuminating the unseen history of African Americans in North Carolina with self-guided or socially distanced tours.
Durham Public Schools has #DPSBeyond28 events every Wednesday in February at 1 pm to mark African American History Month.  Look at their schedule of events here.  
Do you know who Durham's first African American Mayor was?
What year did Durham elect its first African American City Council member?
Who was the longest-serving Durham Mayor? 
(Keep scrolling for the answers.)
Chat Attack
Let's Talk About It.
Make some time during dinner, car rides, or at special family time to slow down and discuss the following points below. 
After listening to Anjali's interview:
What do characteristics do you think make a good elected official?  Does age matter?
Have you ever thought about becoming an elected official?  What position do you think you would be good at?
Are there enough young elected officials?  If not, how can we encourage more youth to run for office?
Once again If you are interested in interviewing a Durham City Official let us know by signing up below!
So...What Can We Do?
Take Action!
All of us can be engaged citizens, so what will you do?
You can help us!  By taking the Kids Voting Durham survey you can let us know what you are most interested in!
Click here or below on the survey button
Vote!  Durham's City Council elections are not for months still, but you can vote on how the City will spend some of its money in Round 1 of the 2021 Participatory Budget Cycle by ranking the areas in which PB grants should be made.  You can rank your choices in  English or Spanish.  Learn more about Cycle 2 of Participatory Budgeting at www.pbdurham.org/pb_durham_cycle_2 
KVD's #Dreams4Durham campaign has been extended through February 28 as part of Durham Public School's Black History Month Series.  Visit www.kidsvotingdurham.org/mlk-2021 for more details (and to see a gallery of some of the dreams already submitted). Or watch the kickoff video of DPS's #DPSBeyond28 Black History Month series where #Dreams4Durham is featured.  Then share your dream with us at info@kidsvotingdurham.org or on social media!
Are you a youth 13-23?  Find out more about Service Projects with Kids Voting Durham! Service volunteers get to be involved in key KVD projects like the Election Guide, make their voice heard, and get others civically involved.  Find out more at www.kidsvotingdurham.org/youth-service. 
Small Things Make A Difference!
Mark Your Calendar! 
Dates You Probabaly Didn't Know About.

National Freedom Day 

 Major Richard Robert Wright, a former slave, fought to have February 1st, the day when President Lincoln signed the 13th Amendment freeing slaves, as a day for all Americans to celebrate freedom.   Read more about his efforts and the holiday at www.americaslibrary.gov


President's Day

In honor of George Washington's birthday which was actually on February 22nd we celebrate President's Day on the third Monday in February. Find out why we don't celebrate on his actual birthday at kids.britannica.com and at www.history.com.


World Day of Social Justice 

World Day of Social Justice is a United Nations-designated holiday celebrating citizens of the world working to make the world a better place for everyone to live in. 



Durham Public Schools Celebrates! Durham Public Schools has book suggestions, activities, and lessons for civic and school celebrations throughout the entire year for families with kids of all ages!


Talk to Us!
 We will have feedback opportunities as well as fun quizzes. Did we mention there will be prizes??
This month, take our survey to help us know what topics and content you would like to see in this newsletter!  This month each submission will be entered in a drawing to win a Kids Voting Durham face mask!
Chester Jenkins was elected as Durham's first African American Mayor in 1989.  Read more about him here.
In 1953  Rencher N. Harris became the first African American elected to the Durham city council, and in 1958, the first black man on the city’s Board of Education. 
Bill Bell was Durham's longest-serving Mayor from 2001-2017.    
Kids Voting Durham is a program of the Durham County Cooperative Extension.
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