Exploring civic ideals and providing a better understanding of government to inspire engagement! Just because there is no election right now doesn't mean that your job as a citizen is on pause. Your voice and civic engagement is important and counts -- even between voting cycles. 


So, for 2021, Kids Voting has started to publish a monthly newsletter to give families  "insights, inquiries, & activities" to help them engage in our civic community.  And we want your help in designing what it looks like!  Each issue will include a feedback section where you can answer surveys about what you would like to see in the space.  We even want you to help name it!


This month we cover: 
Civic Skill:  Perseverance
Civic Celebration: Women's History Month 
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Civic Skill Time
At first glance, it may not seem like “persistence” is a civic skill in the same way that voting, volunteering, philanthropy, or media literacy are skills. But, in fact, persistence has been been an important skill for citizens seeking recognition of their rights or changes in our government or communities from voting rights for women to the abolition of slavery to legal equity and more.   Learn more about how persistence led to expanding the right to vote, civil rights and more in this issue!
You can practice persistence anywhere in your life. All that matters is that you do not stop! Which is practically the definition of persistence. 
Kids Voting Durham is a program of

Allison Hansen
Did You Know?:  Women's History Month
We celebrate Women's History Month to honor the women who persisted ensuring that women were able to fully engage in and impact our community.   At Kids Voting Durham we particularly salute the many women who helped to make our democracy and nation stronger with their perserverance and daring.
The fight for women's right to vote took place over generations, and it was nearly 200 years before BIPOC women had full voting rights. The Durham Museum of History's virtual exhibit Votes for Suffrage: 100 Years of Women in Durham Politics celebrates "the legacy of the 19th amendment and how women’s political participation has helped shape Durham".  Take a virtual family visit to the exhibit here. 
Want to know about more Southern women who stood up for our democracy?  Check out the profiles of Southern women who dared and then preserved to improve our national and communities in Alabama Public Television's video series "They Dared!"
Also. . .Did you know that you could read the inspiring book series " She Persisted" in the Durham Library? Be sure and check it out online here!
Chat Attack
Let's Talk About It.
Make some time during dinner, car rides, or special family time to slow down and discuss questions about this month's theme:
  • Can you think of women who have persevered to make our community better?  This may be some famous from history or it may be someone in your neighborhood or school!
  • How have these people demonstrated persistence? 
  • How can you demonstrate persistence to make our community better?
So...What Can We Do?
Take Action!
Once you have had a chance to visit the Durham Museum of History's virtual exhibit V otes for Suffrage, play this fun Kahoot! to see how much you have learned.  Thanks to Kids Voting Durham youth volunteer Dallas Clemmons for putting together this great interactive quiz!
Because of Them, We Can offers a combination calendar and scavenger hunt that honors the persistence of 31 black women who changed our civic history.  Find the calendar  HERE and then look for the answers to the questions, learning some new #girlpower history along the way!
In the 1950s, 16-year-old high school student Barbara Johns did not let her age stop her from organizing her fellow students to stand up against the injustices of her segregated school.   The strikes she courageously organized eventually led to the KWhile she faced obstacles, she persisted and helped create the movement that turned into the landmark supreme court case Brown vs. Board of Education. 
Watch a video about Barbara Johns here at ICivics or read about her at Kids Britannica
You Can Always Do Something!
Mark Your Calendar! 
Dates You Probabaly Didn't Know About.
The Durham Public Schools Board of Education has designated, March 1-7, 2021, as CROWN Act Week as part of a campaign to prohibit discrimination against Black women based on hair texture and protective hairstyles. Click on this link for more information on how they are marking the week!
#ChooseToChallenge gender bias is IWD's theme for 2021. Click the link to see how you can #ChooseToChallenge
Between the hours of 8:30 - 9:30 pm join the world in having your lights out. Click here to see what you can do in the dark! 

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Kids Voting Durham is a program of the Durham County Cooperative Extension.
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